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We concentrate on high quality massage and effective procedures for resolving issues for people who are looking for supplement remedies for their problems. .

Nutrition Clinic

We design and adjust your diet according to your dietary habits and nutritional preferences. This is a very unique approach as we design your very own tailored diet. Our diets are easy, healthy, flexible and customized.


For pain relief and for the patients who require weight management counselling, we apply a combination of “weight loss” diet, and Acupuncture.


For patients with injuries, we help the clients to return to full pre-injury state, these procedures could be performed as a supplement and parallel to standard injury rehabilitation procedures.

Compression Stockings

As a person walks, the contraction and relaxation of the calf muscles around the veins aid in moving blood toward the heart.


Orthtics in general refers to any device inserted into a shoe, ranging from felt pads to custom-made shoe inserts that correct an abnormal or irregular, walking pattern.


Physiotherapy deals with restoring and maintaining functional movement, reducing pain and promoting health in individuals. It maximizes the strength, function, movement and overll well-being.

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OnTrack Health & Nutrition Clinic

We are a multi-disciplinary clinic providing exceptional, high quality services. Our goal is to promote your wellness and overall health by using the right diet; we do not sell bars, shakes or powders. For pain management, and reducing stress & anxiety we apply massage and acupuncture or Osteopathy. For foot relief, aching and tired legs, we provide custom orthotics and Compression stockings.

We are TOG (The orthotic Group) distributer; TOG is one of the world’s fastest growing and largest Custom Orthotic Labs. We are Sigvaris dealer. The Swiss company SIGVARIS is the global market leader in the manufacture of medical compression. We are also authorized healthcare practitioner of Metagenics one of the leading companies for high quality supplements..

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